We are primarily a team of academic primatologists and ethical conservationists who are passionate about protecting apes and raising awareness of the dangers that they face in their natural habitats. 

Our Main Goals & Aims 

Protect apes from:

  • Habitat destruction

  • Bushmeat trade

  • Pet trade

Funding sanctuaries

Sanctuaries are often the last refuge for wild apes who have been rescued from such things as the illegal pet trade industry or saved from problems relating to the destruction of their habitat. 


  • We support projects that educate local people about the dangers that apes face.

  • We support projects that help to involve the local community in protecting apes, such as helping to care for apes in sanctuaries.


  • We support and conduct research that helps to further our understanding of conservation issues involved in protecting apes.

  • We also conduct research that not only raises the awareness of ape intelligence, but also helps to keep the apes mentally active, such as giving sanctuary-living apes food puzzles to solve.